Saturday, May 28, 2011

the carpet artists weave around the globe

art is often influenced by its locality- like many artists in one area will follow a similar style. Seattle tends to be decorative- moving into the musical. elements dance like notes across the surface. parts of italy are renewing the art of mannerism. eastern european are more traditional classical and germans are still in your face aggressively direct. -so it appears on the surface. each region has its own followers, with the exception of artists that pull from several directions to create a mix. or are these artists the norm? what do you think? are artists regional motivated? how much has it changed over the years?

i love all the variety i see on facebook, and part of what i see is regionalism. it tells me more about the people in that how they feel and what they experience as a group.
it is the carpet artists weave around the globe

Daffodils 2011

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