Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Puzzle pieces are emerging

so this silly facebook thing is good for a lot of stuff. awareness, learning, communication and realizations.
one is never one alone. what i mean is that one person never has a thought, an idea alone. there is always another one that has the same one, because ideas are grown in the soil of experiences and knowledge. same knowledge and experience equals same idea. so if one person does another does as well and maybe even thousands and millions. as more the "soil" experiences and knowledge are the same as more similar their ideas will be. however, some minds can morph quicker than others.
i am looking at art, all this art. decorative art, super highbrow art (sorry i am a very conservative visual artist), low brow and in between.
"journey of discovery in a digital age"
digital documentation, digital camera,modern multiplication, pop art, physical continuation -searching- journey

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