Friday, February 11, 2011

a journey of discovery in a digital age

(draft statement feb 2011)

I have been an artist for many years. I originally only worked in oil or acrylics and never used photography of any kind in my work. After becoming a mother it became more complicated to paint larger works and spend productive time in the studio. I began to use photography more as a creative outlet. Unsatisfied with the artistic possibilities of pure photography, I began to use digital art medias to fulfill my need for more personal expression. Originally, I was satisfied with manipulating the image with photoshop, but soon I started to discovered that a watcom tablet and pen would give me more flexibility to actually change and “paint” on the photographic image. Satisfied with the “pop art” philosophy of multiplication and reproduction of the motif, I began to reproduce my work as limited edition on paper and canvas. After the first printed canvases I couldn’t resist actually painting on and over the printed image. I started to notice a progression and intentional distortion of the image from canvas to canvas, an exploration of space and light in more abstract terms. Finally I began to use the mixed media canvases as an inspiration to paint new canvases without the printed medium to guide and limit my search.
I have come to realize that this progression is a discovery that would not have been possible without the modern tools of digital cameras, digital art medias and digital printing. It is a journey of discovery in a digital age.
draft of statement feb 11

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