Tuesday, December 7, 2010


the year of the tiger has really been a whirlwind. GOOD.
there is so much going on, ..saturday december 11th Vera Project, thursday small show at "smallclothes". (back at it in January at West Seattle Wine Cellar, while the "smallclothes" is still going on-----)

Ann Tracy wrote on her blog:" I'm still experimenting with transfers and painting into the canvas that the images are transferred to. To me it's a great way to combine my love of photography and my love of painting!" what i have been saying for years. It"s ironic really that the artists in the 70"s wanted to make their work "UNsellable" and now the art is (sofar) unsellable. It is hard to put a price tag on digital work. Artists are hesitant to call their art digital in anyway because of it's "multiplicity" (;and other more artistic debates).
..but really it is a tool of these times. Nice to hear/read others talk about it.

..canvas painting...really want to paint- use one of my digital works as inspirations. .. with mess and everything. got the gesso and all ready

merchandise. i totally suck at this. i am scared of saturday, luckily a friend is sharing the table with me (#9).
Splat :))

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