Wednesday, December 8, 2010

facebook- the best contemporary art magazine, if you can battle the overload

the best contemporary art magazine i could have asked for ?
i remember years ago i would spend all my available money, and more, on art books and magazine subscriptions. i still couldn't really find what i was looking for. i wanted that what people were doing right now, in picture, in film, in music in everything.
by the time they were available to me they were too old and too restrictive.
i can see art that is now, that is in russia or india or the bahamas. i can read what people experience now and how they digest it, try to adjust to it- submit and revolt against.
i like it
how many people are part of facebook now? how many of those are artists? important, significant, over rated or undiscovered?
which ones should i look at, which blogs should i read? how can i find basic direction? listen to others, read what others read?
i don't have a clue :) and not really important- since the moment i try to category it, the rules will change.....or will they? fractals? what about fractals- the small is the same as the big, same as same? least i don't have to spend my money on buying books, no i just spend my time searching for what i am looking for :)) same old same old

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