Monday, October 4, 2010

....and what about the economy? Art sales? ..?

yes, what about it? My work doesn't need to sell for thousands.
I am convinced that there is a future for digital art. I find it to be a most beautiful alteration, addition to the creative world of art. I love the process, -I feel so satisfied with the possibilities.
and economy?
Anyone can own a print, an original (the created digital file is the original{nobody wants the intaglio printing plate}) of the digital file for under 50 bucks. If that isn't economical (comical). By doing real limited runs of only 15-25 off the original, the work does have a value that can be measured. Up to 25 prints of a digital file on paper or canvas.
[min 25x$50= $1250 per image total,and each canvas raises the total value]
Do people like my art? From all the sales and feedback- yes. People have always liked my work and bought it, too. I remember the magnets...greeting cards will show how much and what they like now.

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