Thursday, March 11, 2010


..there was this printing company that had my email, they folded and now 2 new companies have it...
aspen creek had a special for 16x20 $10, so I decided to spend my BD $ and order some prints. I have choose old and new,paintings and digital work.
Aspen creek also has cli..e (never remember the name) prints, large sizes and canvas options. Kind of what I have been having in mind for some time now. Of course it all depends on what the reproductions actually look like. I send a variety of medias and type of artistic manipulations. Total of 8. I am kind of excited to see how much I could paint on top of them- turn the digital to manual? easy option if I choose a canvas print..
...oh, and now display of course...want simple photo frame (I think) for those 16x20

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