Saturday, March 13, 2010

16x20 prints -first review

Very speedy processing and delivery. Prints arrived today.
Apart from what I actually plan to do with these, I am critically inspecting the 8 prints I send off. "Dream" is hands down the most successful. Great poster material, 16x20 or even larger. The colors are brilliant and clean, the overall feel is unified.
Of course I wished that one piece was lighter, that another one less pixalated (actually only one has that problem, surprisingly), and one had more contrast.Generally I like the photo art better than the prints off the paintings, but I know what the paintings looked like- so I am very partial and critical. The prints of paintings will rely on the framing, while "Dream" can stand all on its own.
Now to what? A painting is a painting and a poster is a poster? It's not that black and white..."Dream" would look great on canvas and "Lilith Rising" will definitely look better on matte paper..

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