Monday, June 1, 2009

People Power

Music, music has people power.
I want to go and see a band- any band. It's the "people power" I crave.
I never forget my old friend Julie. She said: " go and see a football game, you'll be fascinated". Me? Many years later I actually went to a football game. She was right. Incredible energy- wow- raw human, fascinating!
Julie was in Chicago with me, at the underground club and we literally danced for 5 hours. No drugs- no alcohol, only people- crazy - wild humans. I have never been so exhausted and exhilarated in my life.
Loved it! Julie knew that...
The reason I do art, music- what ever you want to call it, maybe even writing.
It's warm outside, the wild (wild west?)world is calling. Be here and now. I want to go and see a band.
Marshal Tucker Band? Not punk rock, or metal...but maybe some raw people power.

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