Monday, May 25, 2009

Thoughts on art and domestic life

Not much time to write...let's see.
First, kind of been itching to paint- don't know if I'll find the time,soon...I remember painting objective, like a flower setting, always makes me appreciate the real world, while painting abstract (objective abstract) makes me explore the inner workings of my mind. Of course, "I" am always in there, even when it is objective. My flowers always have a cynical element to them.
Also been doing those quizzes on facebook. I could create an artist quiz, use my own works, since I don't think you can use other artists stuff unless you have permission.
We are on vacation right now, that means no cooking or cleaning, that's probably the reason I am even thinking of painting. At home I never have the time,not while I clean- wash and prep stuff to sell on ebay.

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