Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Those who aren't good enough teach.."

Another day comes to an end. I have been trying to move my webdomain, created a blog for the family (nitkey.blogspot.com) and I am trying to keep this blog up. Insane, trying to do so many things at the same time----or typical.
Over the last weekend my daughter had a dance/ballet recital, and while it is family related, something that should be on the nitkey blog, it also belongs in here.
"Those who aren't good enough teach.." Pretty funny and very tragic. Here are a hundred or so parents, grandparents and friends of little 3-7 year olds wanting to watch the stumbling moves of their oh- so - cute offspring and they have to sit through an hour of adults dancing on stage.
I seem to think that last years performances were better than this years, that's why this year everyone notices the desperateness of the teachers wanting to shine- at least one night a year.
Hey, I can't do what they do, but really- it was kind of , well desperate.
Am I a good artist? At least I don't force others to purchase $15 tickets to see me dance on stage, just so they can see their kid for 5 minutes in the spot light. (I am sorry, and I don't mean to hurt anybodies feelings, but that's how people feel. ) So- who cares, right?

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