Thursday, July 26, 2018

To continue

Current work and the series I have been working on.
3-4 years back I started working on the series called "At Night We Sleep", an exploration of landscape and deeper thought into landscape and its meaning to oneself and one own memories.
It's an idea I have been pursuing over the last 30 years; looking back at work I've created one notices the reoccurring puzzles.
Deep Thought 2018
A Wish To Fly 2018

Developing out of the series"At Night We Sleep" came a return to spheres in combination with the layering of space. A new series, probably something I'll call: thoughts within, or into thought...perhaps tragedy of thought.
I'm not clear if I will at this time continue that series, since many things contribute to  what a painting wants to talk about...
side note:.... been having a paralyzing painter's block since last February,... the validity of me painting and the future or rewards are so hard to evaluate. The always burning question is "this worth it?"
 ......The irony is that at this time there is a person who is willing to purchase three of my pieces as is right now, but I'm afraid to tell her how much I want for the art

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