Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gerhard Richter- my teacher

well, I wish he was, instead it is only through the world wide web-

I remember seeing Richter's early work, 1986 i was a student learning about painting. my first Hoffman and my first Diebolt. Hoffman with his intensity and trickery of color and space. Diebolt with his lushness and passive emotions. i didn't really understand why Richter would copy photos in his paintings, but i was intrigued.

since then Richter has popped up periodically during my web searches for interesting artists and their art. i respond to his layout, his colors and ambiguity of space. - but not until the last 2 -3 years have i notice his continuous use of photographs.

...for me using photographs is a "no brainer" why go through the tedious chore of drawing the skeleton , when a photo provides all the information in scale, properly placed and arranged. (i refer to the basic layout of a realistic representation as the skeleton, the drawing really.)

i can draw, but find it boring- what comes after the drawing is what excites me. i want to paint real landscapes, real space the way we perceive it- but i want to question this space/bend it, make it come to live.
Gerhard Richter

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