Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Newsletter Vol.1.1
Summer is fast approaching and many of us are ready to take vacations near and far. In July my family will take a week off to celebrate summer with our extended family at Lake Chelan.
Many of my works are inspired by such vacations, and “Mist” was originally perceived during one of them.

I have been very pleased with sales and meeting new and old patrons. Some of you have a nice collection of early and recent works- please remember to send me photos of how your room looks with the artwork in it. I love to “show you” to all my future collectors.

My work is ever evolving. Having over 4000 art friends on fb, allows me to view some of the most amazing work worldwide. …and it rubs off. Never before have I “seen” so clearly. 

Currently I am showing work at “Circa” in West Seattle, under the title : “Take me Away” current landscapes.

A couple of days ago I joined “” and started a local website with Paypal ability- you can order works directly on line and pay for them, too. It is still under constructions, but I am already very excited about it. For the last 2 years I have been trying to find the best way to make my work accessible for purchase with Paypal. It is a local webserver and I really like supporting local artvenues and artists.

Earlier this month I was accepted as featured artists in the “Aware” exhibit at Serenety Gallery online. My work and some prints will also be exhibited at the actual gallery in Wisconsin. I am thinking about sending them one original painting and several prints, probably all flowers.

Artist's Exhibitions
 Date & Description
11/1/2012  "Take me Away" current landscapes Windemere West Seattle
10/1/2012  "Spirits and Monsters" at Mind Unwind West Seattle
8/24/2012  White Center Art Walk at Salvadoren Bakery  
8/1/2012 umpah bank Phinney

current until end of June 2012 Circa in West Seattle

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