Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Art up at Mount St.Vincent

the show at the Mount is up. it was a lot of fun hanging it :) people had been waiting for new art to come up, and many were excited about my colors, vibrancy and style. Very rewarding day.
Exhibit at Mount St.Vincent 3/3 - 3/30
There are many different places to hang art. Clubs are probably the worst- way too dark, smelly and grim. (keep in mind my moms side of the family owned from classy restaurants all the way to a "Playboy Club", so i am jaded) Restaurant are probably next- unless you get to hang when the place is closed. People don't like it when you "hoover" over their food. Then most coffee shops- they generally have good lighting and nice asigned walls for the art. Galleries? what do you think? Awesome light- mostly good placement- but there you often have to watch the politics. The Mount today- good lighting, awesome placement; a super fun and fulfilling experience :))

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