Friday, September 16, 2011

reception Alki Arts 2011

the last photo was from a reception in 1995 and the new photo is from now, 2011.
- lots of real cool stuff
happened . great music- thanks steve!!! awesome location, thanks Diane.  super people showed up, smile, so happy you came. ....sigh...sold 7 pieces...

calculated  a price structure last night that seems to work relative well. learned more about what people like and want. there is a place for canvas and mounted prints. 2 purposes and two different  type of art collector.

Astrella watched this young guy go wild over my work. he was between 10-13 and really loves the "Toy" series. the little 8x8's were sold before i even got there. i was able to talk about my work and process, my influences and philosophies. some came back to look again and again, mesmerized.
Thank you all, feels good.

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