Saturday, September 3, 2011

...Hans Hoffman or Hans Hofman..

guess it just depends which type of art you wanted to look at. Hoffman born 1530 or Hofman born 1880...
i came across a work today that reminded me of my new series. space, color and movement "angelo Ribezzi". the moment i posted it, i remembered Hans Hofman. there is a small eaarly work at the dayton ohio art museum. the first time i saw it, i had justed started my art degree. " i could do that" came to mind, 2 years later i wish i could have owned it.
i have always liked geometric shapes in art, but never could do what i wanted to- before, before now. now i can do it by changing the intensity and color, sometimes even light and contrast of my objects.the surface image stays the same, but the back pushes ahead if given the chance to. ...just like i always wanted, movement with in through color and light while keeping balance

picture 1, applying gel all over and emphasizing line and depth, picture 2 wet

nursery art

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