Sunday, July 3, 2011

...I am working, working for my money...working (song)

i have been working- on my web presence, my social networking. bad- lot of time looking around, good- lot of time looking around the web. not only looking but learning, constantly learning more about art, artist, styles, business--business--business.
so i have been coding, linking, designing and planning. and...i got noticed :))
wow, the best ever- getting noticed :)) ... (let's leave cynicism for the moment)
My website is featured on Website Nuggets as one of the 3 monthly features.
On Fine Art America (FAA) i created a group for tradigital artists that use their photography and digital paint applications. there wasn't anything like that out there, at least i couldn't find it. i make a contest as soon as i can find the time. reward feature on the group page and spotlight on my facebook profile.

i joined several groups on FAA, and one of the groups specializes in restorations. i pulled out a tin photo restoration i did for grandma's family reunion. made a before and after collage and just now loaded it.

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