Thursday, July 28, 2011

how to display digital art without glass- POP -canvas

digital work is great displaying digitally.
i remember the headache taking photos of paintings to get slides done. proper lighting, mega set-up - often hiring a photographer to take the pics.  now no more. now the work is done on the computer and shown on the computer.
   but what if you actually want to hang it on the wall? sell it? exhibit it in a gallery (if they consider it "fine art" at all)? one has to print it. printing work has its own challenges...format, type and price. it can be printed on canvas sure. a 8x10 giclee will cost you around $60...costco does canvas prints? sure, missing the variety of red tones all together and loosing all that beautiful complexety you worked on so hard. larger giclee sizes get even pricier.
undesirable for the buyer- who isn't really sure they are buying "real art" since it is a print (doesn't that mean made by a machine, right?). 

8x10 isn't much of anything. generally under 16x20 isn't considered serious...

print it on paper (yeah, yeah you got about 6 different types of paper going here in various price ranges)  BUT any paper needs to be protected, generally with glass or plexiglass.
i hate glass and plexiglass. the glare can cause a loss of detail and cohesion.

print it on paper and mount it on canvas. then do what ever you want with it :)
pour paint on it, paint on it, set it out in the rain.  you know acrylic can hold up to almost anything.  that's what i call a P(aint) O(n) P(aper) canvas.

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