Saturday, April 30, 2011


i started showing art again pretty much 1 year ago after a 7 year break (love my kids). Looking back a lot has changed, and some remains the same. my art has evolved, but not really changed. the internet has had a lot to do with that. the exposure to great, really contemporary art is helping me to move ahead and push further than ever before. the feedback and sales have helped me to follow my new direction without (well, almost) looking back.

so i decided to go back to a blog entry that was written about a year ago, just to see what i was doing at that time.
(smile on my face)i remember playing with all kinds of types of exposures, including craigslist.
i had placed an ad offering my service for commission and this is what some body wrote me back.
here is part of the blog/journal entry:
"I wanted to vomit looking at your add" gasp ? who=what-why??? Is it that repulsing? Am I totally delusional? I mean, I know I have always been "out there" but generally I do walk the line between reality and fantasy. hmmmmm"
---wow--i remember opening that email from that girl---
can't please everybody out there, lol I hope she is less angry ...

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