Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Orange and Lavender

Familiar, familiar- a concept I am working with. we respond best to things that are familiar, people create realities that are familiar, we get bored with the familiar. was it nietsche that said: desire, temporary fulfillment, boredom- desire and so on.
...also a buddhist philosophy...platonian...and so on, not by any means original.
but right now the principle of "familiar" is immediate in my observations in art around the world, art in galleries and art in my immediate neighborhood. (3)
art around the globe is interesting: regional sensitivities and regional fads.
Then there are basic types of galleries:1.high brow, 2. low brow, 3.collector.
high brow art usually deals with the "bored" part of familiar, low brow art primarily explores the "fulfillment" part of familiar and the 3rd type of art is old art-
...low brow...or...sponge bob with a dash of Fritz what i see a lot..
Interesting idea, the cynicism of fulfillment with the knowledge of the approaching boredom and search for the deeper purpose... and lavender...I have a dish detergent/soap that smells like lavender but after a couple of weeks I can't smell it anymore, that's when I switch back to orange and enjoy its zesty smell again...

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