Sunday, October 10, 2010

art around the globe-

I just looked at Dražen Pavlović facebook page. He is winner of the "EMERGING ARTISTS OF THE CONTINENT - EUROPE - 2010" ( World Art Critics ). Gorgeous! I would so love to see his work in person....but I am happy to see it on the computer, too. I have to admit that I am pretty conservative when it comes to art, I relate to visual art only. I can appreciate sculpture, media, and conceptual art on an intellectual level, but I don't feel it. I simply don't. Even the 2D art needs to be classically painterly, no words or glued in objects- no "idea" over image. I am who I am, and even though I have had plenty of exposure to all sorts of art works, this will probably never change.
Back to Dražen Pavlović. I created an artist profile on facebook unrelated to my personal life. I don't feel like I am breaking the rules (only being allowed to have 1 profile per person) since this art profile is not the same as my "family" profile. Just like this blog doesn't have my family experiences or my children s milestones in it, the new facebook identity only revolves around art. The significant difference is that now I can befriend any artist or art organization without worrying that they'll get annoyed with my personal, family day to day issues. I am free to roam the globe!
Now the art available to me is endless. My mom always said never to compare oneself with those below but only with those above. Typical german, work work and never enjoy oneself. I don't compare myself with those that have created ultimate works, but I learn from the possibilities they open for me. Exposing myself to such a beauty and diversity is priceless...Dražen Pavlović has accepted my friendship request :)

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