Wednesday, April 7, 2010

craigslist : art experience

...ahhh, where to start. Let's start with the funny but insulting that caused me to investigate what type of art I am actually making. Craigslist. I placed 2 adds on craigslist (hey, it's free and why not?). One was deluxe touch-up of your photos, with the example of the 19 century metal photo of Larry's family that I restored. -all I got was spam-.
The other was more experimental, "Everlasting Art from your photograph".'s like you got a photo that means something to you and I'll turn it into a digitalized painting or print that can be printed on photo paper (large if desired 20x30 and more) or on canvas.
I am not a marketing person, and trying to explain what I am talking about is even harder, I mean I am experimenting. Of course it is more of a commercial service than fine art, it is someone elses photograph...I had to call it something..
-most of what I got was spam....BUT one wasn't!
"I wanted to vomit looking at your add" gasp ? who=what-why??? Is it that repulsing? Am I totally delusional? I mean, I know I have always been "out there" but generally I do walk the line between reality and fantasy. hmmmmm
So after investigating who she was and where she was coming from (used her personal email address with website address), photographer- cheesy- probably mid 20s with a personal interest, I needed to find out if what I am doing is considered art or not..well, I know I shouldn't care, I wrote an article on web art for "Renaissance 2001" in 2000, I would do it even if it wasn't art but hey- "vomit"?

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