Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I have been thinking about anarchy a lot lately.
I worked at Swedish Hospital for over 14 years, joined the union, became union stuard and negotiated contracts. I sat in on meetings about loyalty and the best of the people, while the sell out contracts where signed in private. Banks and insurances try to scam you blind- well, poor and begging for more.
Anarchy you scream- we need smaller class room sizes, we need better insurance and equal opportunities. You scream at the pharmacist who fills you the wrong prescription, call the insurance agent ignorant and yell at the bank employee for screwing with your bank account.
hmmmm...Anarchy, what is it really. Addressing the correct entities instead of blaming the individual.
The pharmacist who gave you the wrong pills has had a 12 hour shift without breaks. No food barely a potty break. Their fault?...but why does their employer get away with making 12 hour shifts and no breaks?
The nurse that barely has time to say "hello" to you. She is a bad nurse, isn't she?
Well, you are one of 15 patients that she has to take care of.
The BfA employee who couldn't give a handicapped man his check, because the armless man couldn't leave a thumbprint, a total moron? Or sincerely afraid to loose their job if they break company policy?
Institutions, companies and other "entities" like that want us to blame the individual, anything but them. That's what Anarchy is- refusing to blame anybody else but those who are really responsible- the big machine, the monster.
That's what government is supposed to be there for. We are supposed to be responsible to stop small groups of people from joining together with the goal to control the rest of us. Yes, we-

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