Friday, June 12, 2009

George Orwell 1984- distorting the past

So, we have reached the utopian reality where people erase, manipulate and distort the past. We can post something in facebook and seconds, or minutes or days and months later erase it. it never existed- puff-gone. I use this often, kind of odd- like if it only exists in the memories of othes, does it exist at all? ....yeah, yeah-- a tree falling and the noise and all...
George Orwell had a machinery designed for this purpose. A new version of language, what was it "doubel talk or speak" or something? 1984 Big Brother watching. my new address on facebook. Might be easier to market. Market as what? ..don't know, that will show itself. Painting, printing, photos or just talk? Can't say right now.

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